Pain Relieving Swedish Venture

Sweden was totally struck by spike mat fever during last year. Everyone talked about the amazing mat, and it was even named “Christmas gift of the Year 2009” by the Swedish Retails institute.

A spike mat is a pain relieving mat covered with 6,000 or more small, plastic spikes that when laid upon act as acupressure points. Thus, the mat is often referred to as an acupressure mat.

Almost 400,000 Swedes bought their own specimen of the mat including Maria Norberg and Jessica Staël von Holstein.

“As we both used the spike mat while living in Sweden we thought, why not bring it to Asia and create our own brand,” says Maria Norberg.

And so they did. The goal is to sell one million Swedish Mats within one year, mainly through the company web page but also through retailers and therapists in Asia.

Furthermore the two female entrepreneurs would also like to convince Scandinavian companies in Asia to buy The Swedish Mat and give it to clients and staff as this years Christmas gift.

As to the Asian market the to Swedes are also very optimistic.
“We know that the Asian people are well known to be conscious about their well being and they often have an open mindset as to alternative medicine and that is a good reason to target this group of people,” co-founder Maria Norberg states.

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