Hotels in Bangkok Refuse Blacks and Indians

The Rapper/ artist “Ribkat” and band members are asked to leave their Hotel “Nasa Vegas Complex Luxury Hotel” in Bangkok because as they were told by the hotel manager “they had to respect the Hotel policy” which is to discriminate against blacks and Indians”. The hotel staff and manager also refused to refund the amount they paid up front for their hotel rooms.

“Ribkat”, a well known member of the multi-platinum selling group “Fort Minor” with Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park was told by the Hotel Manager that they did not allow blacks or Indians at their Hotel.

“Ribkat” asked them why they accepted his payment in the first place if this was part of their racist policy. Nasa Vegas advertises long term stay deals which is exactly what Ribkat was inquiring about to begin with due to several business engagements in Thailand only to be lied to by the Nasa Vegas staff stating that there were no rooms available for long term rent which in the end turned out to be a big fat lie all because Ribkat is an African American.

“Ribkat” a hip hop artist preparing for several performances in Thailand and a deal for his soon to be released album “Theory of Addicts” with Josy B. has now been publicly humiliated with the most outrageous blatant form of racism that he will now have to postpone all of his public appearances and performances to resolve this unfortunate ignorant issue.

His friends and Thailand hosts were in complete shock, one of his hosts called the hotel and asked if the hotel room was available and they confirmed with her that it was, but only to her because she was not black. Ribkats drummer who is white and his female friend who is Thai, couldn’t help but notice how Ribkat was constantly singled out and always had the fingers pointing at him with the entire hotel staff uttering comments such as “The Black People are bad and Always Cause Trouble” and “The Black People Never Pay or check out of the Hotel and they’re too loud and Dangerous and they sell drugs”

His Drummer and Friend were immediately shocked by such blunt stereotypical racism and felt equally offended. The entire Hotel Staff showed no respect or courtesy to the star and insisted on telling him to respect they’re racist policy because its in their “Law Books to discriminate”. As a result of this, the U.S embassy and police were immediately notified of the discriminating acts that were cast upon the International star and have now addressed the Thai media in efforts to resolve this incident along with compensation and a public apology. The Thailand Police department and associates expressed their sympathy and sorrow and were completely ashamed by what has just taken place.

“Ribkat” who has been received greatly and greeted by fans in the streets of Bangkok was completely surprised by all of this and does not feel that the rest of the people in Thailand hold these type of sentiments towards African Americans or any other foreigners visiting their country and extends an Olive Branch in the hopes that this was only an isolated incident from misguided individuals working in this Hotel and looks forward to completing his scheduled performances and enjoying his extended stay in Thailand in good faith simply hoping that this will be a wake up call to the entire world.

“Although many of us are misguided and blinded by the plague of racism, we are all “One” and the beauty of being “One” which to many appears to be a small number, is the amazing magical variety of a beautiful color spectrum that exists amongst us all by nature, so in actuality, that “small” number of “one” contains a lot more than we all think. Colors are not only seen but they are also heard. If music was monotone or only “one color”, then we would not be able to appreciate the beauty of “All” different genres of music created by Multi Cultural races of color around the world. With that being said, why don’t we as “One” try “Listening” to color and feeling with our hearts for a change rather than judging a color simply by sight missing the message of beauty and all it truly contains within”. “Ribkat” quotes….

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