Danish RadioComp Sold to Taiwan

Microelectronics Technology in Taiwan announces that it has signed equity and intellectual property purchase agreements with the Danish company RadioComp ApS  Both Boards have approved the agreements, whereby the Taiwanese company acquires RadioComp’s equity and intellectual property for a total of US$11.53 million. RadioComp will be held by the Company as a 100% subsidiary.

RadioComp is a pioneer in software and hardware for advanced wireless communications enhancing the Company’s research and development capabilities within this area. With the acquisition of RadioComp’s intellectual property, the Company substantially extends its range of core technologies for the development of fourth generation mobile communications technology and Long Term Evolution (LTE) related products.

This will boost the Company’s existing position within LTE Frequency Division Duplexing (FDD LTE) technology and will act as a further step towards launching solutions for Time Division Duplexing, all of which will accelerate the expansion of the Company’s product lines.

Following the purchase of TelASIC’s R&D team, the Company has successfully developed it’s RRH market position and has realized a significant growth in revenue based on its RRH product offering. With the acquisition of RadioComp, the Company intends to combine its hardware and software R&D capabilities and will actively develop its 4G market. This will provide the Company with a more comprehensive portfolio and assist in expanding its relationships with existing customer. The acquisition will further establish a unique position for the Company within European markets by introducing a European base of operations. This will create opportunities for market development and business expansion, and will stimulate the growth of the Company.



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