Thaksin Plans Phone-In to European Red Shirt Meeting in Copenhagen

Thaksin Shinawatra is scheduled to make a live phone-in to a gathering of European Red Shirts in Copenhagen on Saturday 30 October 2010.

The Red Shirts plan to meet at Town Hall Square in the centre of Copenhagen at 13.00 on that day. After singing “Daeng Tour Pan Din” (Red All Over the Land) they claim to be able to introduce Red Shirt representatives from each country in Europe.

The details of the meeting are published on the website which is blocked by Thailand’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.

The Red Shirts plan to close the public event in Copenhagen at 16.00 with taking of a group photo and singing “Ta Kon Bok Fah” (Chanting to Sky) and “Nak Suu Tuu Lee Din” (Warrior of Earth). Afterward there will be a dinner at 18.00.

Swedish Red movement
Also in Sweden, the Red Shirts seem to be active. Here, there is a Red Shirt meeting already this Saturday 16 October at 17.00 hrs at Hong Thai Restaurant, in Solna, a suburb to Stockholm.

This political group has a website although with a relatively limited impact. Yesterday, it had been visited by 1064 from a Thai IP address and 526 from a Swedish IP address since it was started two months ago. The website was not blocked by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology when this text was uploaded.

According to the website, participants in the meeting this Saturday will be able to change to wear a red shirt at the restaurant if they don’t want to wear it from home.

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