Dan Steinbock on a Visit to Malaysia

Economist Dr Dan Steinbock recently visited Kuala Lumpur to launch his newest book on Nokia and give a lecture on global debt crisis and Asia´s leadership.
Dr Steinbock and Ambassador Saarela at the book launch.

Finnish economic scientist Dan Steinbock launched his latest book September 28th at the residency of the Finnish ambassador Tapio Saarela. The book titled “Winning Across Global Markets:

How Nokia Creates Strategic Advantage in a Fast-Changing World” discusses Nokia´s successes and failures in different markets around the world, the reasons behind them and how they influence the company. At the launch, Steinbock also reassured the readers of his book and those present that Nokia’s current plight is not as bad as some voices claim. The book launch was attended by representatives of business media and economic sector.

Later during his visit Dr Steinbock gave a speech at the International Affairs Forum of The Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia to a group of diplomats, researchers and people representing business and finance.

The topic of the speech was “The global debt crisis and Asia’s leadership: Geopolitical and economic implications”.

The message of his speech was that we are currently moving from a bipolar world system to a multipolar one in which it is the Asian countries that work as the driving force behind economic growth with China leading the way.

The current economic crisis in which the developed countries were the worst hit only accelerated this development. Furthermore, he stated that globally the economic crisis will signify the end of laissez-faire capitalism.

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