Crown Princess Victoria Visit Sweden Pavilion

A two-day “Sino-Swedish SymbioCare Forum” is under way at the Sweden Pavilion, where officials from the Chinese and Swedish governments and experts are discussing cutting-edge solutions in improving health and welfare all over the world.

The forum explores new methods of delivering care services through technological innovation and new ways of organization. It also shows how investments in technology and the implementation of new ways of collaborating can improve quality and patient security and at the same time be cost efficient.


The key issue will be the actual performance in the healthcare system and how this is linked to management, ways of working and constraints in the system at policy level.

Topics include international research and cooperation, laws and regulations concerning products of medical treatment, the problem of bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics, disease prevention and the healthcare of old people.

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel Westling, Maria Larsson, Swedish Minister of Children and the Elderly and China’s Minister of Health Chen Zhu, attended the forum.

Larsson and Chen signed a plan of action to the Memorandum of Understanding already existing between the two countries to further their cooperation in finding new solutions to improve healthcare in both Sweden and China.

Victoria and Westling visited the virtual autopsy table shown for the first time to the public at the Sweden Pavilion. The table is a unique interactive exhibit allowing people to explore the inside of a human being. It was built in Sweden by the Norrkoping Visualisation Center in partnership with the Centre for Medical Image Science and Visualization.

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