Gay Serial Killer to Marry Female Drug Dealer

Serial killer Verry Idham Henyansyah, better known as Ryan, who has been sentenced to death for murdering 11 people is preparing to get married — to a woman.

The openly gay Ryan is awaiting execution at the Kesambi Penitentiary in Cirebon. He is hoping for a presidential pardon after the Supreme Court rejected his appeal.

Ryan was apprehended in 2008 and found guilty of stabbing to death a man who showed interest in his boyfriend.

He cut the victim’s body into pieces and skewered them with a crowbar. He then confessed to multiple murders.

“I am actually in very bad health. I have liver problems and I vomit all the time. But I pray to God to forgive me,” Ryan said at the prison.

“I am planning to marry Eny Wijaya. Even though I am on death row, I believe marriage is the process of regenerating life.”

Ryan said Eny was a convicted drug dealer of Chinese descent and he was planning to marry her on Monday within the Kesambi Penitentiary.

He said he had met Eny when they were both detained at the Jakarta Police Narcotics Detention Center.

“I know I am gay. I don’t know if I can keep her happy. But my mother really wants me to marry a woman,” Ryan said.

“Besides, Eny claims she really loves me.”

He said he agreed to the marriage after both sets of parents gave their blessing.

“We were planning for a December wedding last year but it was canceled when we got into a fight,” Ryan said.

But they made up, and Eny was freed from the Pondok Bambu Penitentiary a month ago.

“Eny visited my mother and asked for my hand in marriage,” Ryan said.

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