Danish Seamen’s Church Celebrates Anniversary

On top of Mount Faber lies the Golden Bell. The beautiful, white building has for 25 years housed the Danish Seamen’s Church. And the church is looking better than ever.

Many benevolent sponsors have made it possible to refurbish the church and at the same time equip it with new furniture both inside and out. The church should look its best at its anniversary. And it does look good. No doubt about it.

At 11 o’clock on Sunday, Priest Ronald Pedersen will open the festive day and deliver a sermon accompanied by Yeo Huan on organ and Karsten Holst Thomsen and Birgitte Lund as leading quire.   

Another high point of the day will be the delicious church lunch served at 1 o’clock.

At the service the following speakers are expected:
Ambassador Ole Lisborg
Chairman of the church counsil Heine Askaer Jensen
Priest at the Seamen’s Church, Hong Kong, Hans Aaga Koller Nielsen
Priest at the Seamen’s Church, Shanghai, Iben Snell
Parish priest, Chairman of DSUKs board in Copenhagen, Birgitte Grøn
Club manager, Pelepes, Malaysia, Karsten Holst Thomsen
Representative of the Norwegian and Swedish church in Singapore

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