Danish Organisations to Help Young Burmese

An ongoing educational project in Thailand on the border to Burma/Myanmar will give thousands of young Burmese access to schooling and education. The hope is that young people could return to Burma and ultimately contribute to the democratic development.

It is this project that Operation Dagsvaerk will support in cooperation with Folkekirkens Noedhjaelp.

On November 3, young Danes across the Scandinavian nation will work for free in all kinds of different branches. The one thing they have in common, though, is the fact that every single dime they make will be donated to the school children of Burma.

It is estimated that more than two million Burmese have crossed the border to Thailand. Many flee simply because of poverty. Others as a consequence of the military dictatorship.

As of now the school project is solely funded by foreign sponsors and more schools are needed. Thus the help from the Danish organisations is essential.

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