Swedish voices on business climate in the Philippines

There are basically no problems with tariffs in the Philippines. Rather it is the non-formal red tape issues, in many shapes and variations, that make life hard.
     Opportunities are best for companies dealing with environmental technology, waste management, pharmaceuticals and medical products, energy, mining, construction, automotive parts, airline services, technical consulting, IT and telecommunications and pulp and paper.
     That is some of the feedback, the trade section at Sweden’s embassy in Manila got from a survey it sent out to 15 managers, proprietors and local agents of Swedish and Swedish related businesses operating in the Philippines.
     Sweden’s competitive edge in terms of quality is partly offset by our high production costs and thus higher market prices.
     Another problem is an inability to efficiently deal hands on with bureaucracy and corruption, says the respondents.
     The full report, which was published late January 2004, can be read at the embassy’s website

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