Swedish Child Traps Hand in Pattaya Escalator

A Swedish child tourist got his fingers trapped in an escalator at ‘Tuk Com’ IT City on Halloween. His hand was eventually freed and he was sent for emergency treatment.

 A 10-year-old tourist from Sweden out shopping with his parents and brother got several fingers caught in an escalator while trying to retrieve a dropped sandal. The incident happened in the early evening of Oct31 at Tuk Com computer and mobile phone store on South Pattaya Road. 

When the Sawang Boriboon Rescue Service arrived at the fourth floor incident location, after being alerted at 6.30pm, they found a tearful Master Jonathan Brusberg crying out in pain, attended by his distraught family.

A quick witted security guard had earlier switched off the escalator, apparently,and after a 5-minute struggle had managed to extricate the boy’s left hand from the then stationary moving stairway. When the paramedics examined his hand, they found his middle, ring and little fingers had been cut almost to the bone. After rendering first aid, the paramedics sent young Mater to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital for emergency treatment. 

“The two boys and their parents were getting on the escalator to go shopping on the 4th floor. Then the youngest boy dropped his sandal, which became caught in the escalator. While trying to pull the sandal out, he got his fingers trapped, too. Alerted by his cries of pain, we cut the power to the escalator and notified the rescue services and it took me a further five minutes to disentangle the boy’s hand from the mechanism,” Mr. Panya Sangsiangsung, IT City Pattaya security guard, told PDN.

Mr. Panya was quick to tell PDN, however, that the responsibility for the accident rested with the boy rather than with the IT City Company.


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