From 30 Student Visa Applications up to 102

Study in Europe 2010

The fifth Study in Europe education fair on October 16 at Hotel Hilton offered a venue for the participating countries to showcase their excellence in higher education and for the interested Singaporeans to explore the great variety of research, degree programmes and cultural diversity that Europe has to offer.

Each participant country presented detailed information from its stand and offered seminars on its higher educational system in general. Tuomas Vesterinen lecturing about the higher education in Finland.

The Finnish seminars and stand received a constant flow of interested education seekers. Most of the visitors were searching for degree programmes available in English. Popular degrees were in business, engineering and international relations. Inquires about the worthiness of different studies were asked as well. Although there are a myriad of ways to measure worthiness, Europe seems to have proved its value as a good place to study for Singaporeans whatever the study program sought after.

The number of Singaporeans studying in Europe (excluding the UK) is small but growing. Student visas issued for Europe jumped from 1,151 to 2,119 in 2005-2009. Finland has experienced one of the biggest increases from 30 student visa applications in 2005 up to 102 in 2009. And based on the success of the Study in Europe fair, the number of Singaporeans flocking to European universities is bound to keep on increasing.

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