Burma Committee to Pay Back Millions

The Danish State Department now requires that the Danish Burma Committee will pay 2,075,991 kroner back to the Treasury.

This happens after two audit reports have revealed that some of the Comittee projects have been affected by among other things, corruption, bribery and accounting fraud.

The case has been reviewed by the Junior Counsel to the Treasury and Minister of Development, Søren Pind (V), is satisfied with the decision.

“We always strike hard when we discover that there are irregularities. Not least when it involves Danish tax kroner aimed at helping the worlds less fortunate. So if the money are not used properly, it must have consequences,” he says.

The Danish Burma Committee might even have to pay even more millions back, Søren Pind further explains.

“It may be that we demand more money to be paid back, because there are still over 15 million kroner of which we need a better explanation,” he says.

President of The Danish Burma Committee, Jorgen Juul Rasmussen, explains that they disagree with the MFA decision and that it has summoned the Minister to a meeting about the case.

The Danish Burma Committee, whose members, among other counts, LO, Folkekirkens Noedhjaelp, and the political party Socialdemokraterne, has since 2003 received 45 million Danish tax kroner.

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