Chinese Using Malaysia to Cheat EU

Two years ago, the EU introduced anti-dumping duties on low-alloy screws and fasteners from China with a duty rate of up to 87%.
To get around this “obstacle” some Chinese manufacturers have built factories in Malaysia while other suppliers have found more secret ways to change the country of origin from China to among others Malaysia.
In the case of large volumes of fasteners, the European Union by the end of October 2010 decided to start a 9-month study of this kind of detour exports. The companies in EU that during this period import this kind of goods and can not specify that production actually occurred in Malaysia might retroactively be charged the high duty on their goods which could be quite expensive.
Swedish manufacturer of screws and fasteners, Appro Scandinavian Quality Fasteners AB, is pleased with the initiative.
“The requirements for low costs in the industry has created room for cheap, imported products of varying quality,” Appro says. 
 “Our new AppMo concept is our response to the increased accident risks and total costs that have resulted from this.”
“The fact that the screws are manufactured in Sweden means shorter lead times and lower overall costs for our customers.”
 Appro Scandinavian Quality Fasteners AB has conducted courses in applying quality solutions in the industry for companies including Alstom, Metso, Preem, Enercon, Boliden, LKAB and Sandvik.

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