Internship Program for Danish Students

USC Hosts 9th Internship Program for Danish Students Teaching Practice.

As in the previous years, the University of San Carlos, through the Office of External Affairs, once again hosted the Internship Program for Danish Students Teaching Practice. In this 9th year, Six (6) Danish students from Aarhus University College of Education, Aarhus Denmark are doing their practicum activities to the different public schools: Cabancalan Elementary and High School, Mandaue Central Elementary School and Mandaue City Comprehensive High School, Talamban Elementary and High School. They will be involved in classroom observation and practice teaching from 13 August to 23 November 2010.

The Danish students will observe and teach a number of classes inPolitics, Theory of Education, Psychology, Biology, Nature and Science, Sports and Arts, Physical Education, and, Reading and Writing Comprehension.

The names of the student teachers are: Marlene Ankjaer, Anders Juul, Mai Kannegaard, Tobias Nielsen, Tine Schoeler and Anders Thorsen. Their Danish supervisor is Mr. Flemming Hansen, Director and Project Manager of Rise Above Foundation, Cebu.


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