Swedish Tax Money Goes to Vacation Schools

Taking time out abroad from everyday work life is a new trend among Swedish families. It has led to the start up of Swedish schools for children who spend longer periods in countries like Thailand. Some Swedish municipalities pay school fees for these new schools, but it may be illegal.

“According to the municipality law, tax money should be used with in the municipality or between the municipalities. Today there is no basis in the law for the municipalities to pay for this type of education abroad,” says Laina Kämpe of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL).

Children attend the vacation schools while their parents, for example, are taking a break from their jobs or are on parental leave with a younger sibling.

The schools, for example in Thailand, are often run by Swedes and follow the Swedish curriculum, but that is not approved by the School Board.

Nacka Municipality is one of the municipalities paying the tuition fees to the so-called vacation schools. The requirements include that the student is attending the foreign school for at least one semester and that teaching should be at least as good as home.

SKL is now providing information on rules for schooling abroad. They are reluctant to the fact that municipalities give money to schools, which are not supervised by the Swedish School Board.

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