Niels Brock Businesss School Opens in Vietnam

Niels Brock Business School and the Foreign Trade University in Hanoi, Vietnam, have together started a four-year Bachelor of Science in Finance.

“We are in the tenth year in the process of education in China and now we have started in Vietnam,” says Anya Eskildsen, director of Niels Brock Business School.

The forty Vietnamese students, who have now started their Danish bachelor degree, will have great opportunities in four years time when they graduate. The students will receive a Danish diploma and the proof can be used for access to training centers in Europe and the United States as the exchange system is based on ECTS – European Credit Transfer System.

Nguyen Thi Thanh Minh, professor and headmaster of the Foreign Trade University in Hanoi, is pleased with the new cooperation:

“A large number of young Vietnamese students are going abroad to get a good education to the benefit of their families and ultimately to the benefit of Vietnam. It costs a lot of money for a family to send a child away,” she says.

“By staying in Vietnam and have a qualifying education and access to Western universities for higher education is a great opportunity for us. By going into partnership with foreign training centers, we provide far greater opportunities to the youth staying in Vietnam and they continue to follow the Vietnamese economy at close range.”

Next comes HCMC
Niels Brock Business School is also well advanced in plans to establish itself with a campus in Saigon. The school has already surveyed potential locations where the campus could be built.

“We would like to establish a campus in Saigon where we could work also with other educational institutions for instance for engineers, nurses or similar,” Anya Eskildsen reveals.

“The vision is to create a Danish educational environment that is able to absorb Vietnamese mentality as a platform from which it will provide knowledge to Vietnamese students.”

Danish export potential
Niels Brock’s export to China and Vietnam has been made possible because former Danish Minister of Education, Bertel Harder, could see the opportunities in the export of education.

“Denmark has currently a major export potential within education. A potential that could be developed to include the public system in Denmark for service programs,” Anya Eskildsen says.

“There is also a bonus in it for us. As a part of the project we need to supply a third of the teachers to the new course in Vietnam. When these teachers return they will be more experienced which will benefit our Danish students at Niels Brock. That experience we have already achieved in China, a tiger economy through many years. And Vietnam is well on its way to achieve the same status within a decade or so.”

“Vietnam is developing rapidly and is eager to provide efficient training of its youth. An education that matches that of the Western world. A recognized education also gives families a better economy. In Vietnamese families you often see that only one child is selected for a higher education, but all the other family members have to work for it – with pride. Many of them travel abroad to get an education, but now they can save this costs.”

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