Pandora is a Morgan Stanley »Top Pick«

The Danish Thai jewelry firm, Pandora, has landed in good company in this particular line of business, if you ask the international financial institute Morgan Stanley, Market Scope wrote.

According to a new analysis by Morgan Stanley, size, structure and demand from new markets, especially China, will be the largest brand drivers over the next 12 months.

Morgan Stanley’s »top picks« are Louis Vuitton, Adidas, PPR, which stands behind Gucci, and Pandora.

 The biggest private common stock fund Axcel takes over 60 percent share of Pandora Denmark. Per and Winnie Enevoldsen, the founder of Pandora, still hold shares, and Per continue to manage the production in Thailand. Per Enevoldsen is currently residing in Bangkok and managing the two factories which have over 1600 workers. As part of Pandora Holdings A/S, the factories in Bankok will also be taken over and further expanded. This action will solve the problem brought by the increasing market demand.

Louis Vuitton og Gucci are expected to show increased earnings because of their size. Adidas is expected to gain from the fact that its rival, Rebook, is engaged in a turnaround.

And Morgan Stanley wrote about Pandora, that this company is shows the largest growth of all brands in this line of business.


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