Police Rape Police

A female police officer in Yala province has been beaten up and raped by her colleagues. Three suspects have surrendered and further arrests are imminent pending forensic results.

Commissioner-General Wichean Potephosree has revealed the disgraceful case of a female police officer who was beaten and raped by her colleagues in Bannungstar, Yala. He noted that this was an extremely serious case and would be monitored closely, and added that no-one should assume that they are above the law.

On the 17th November 2010, Bunnungstar police officer, Lance Corporal Thippaya Geuakul [23], reported to Yala police investigator Captain Prateung Chatree, that three days previously she had been beaten up by female police Lance Corporal Chivarat Saethong, [23] and then raped by her police friends and several other men.

The victim said she was deceived into joining some colleagues drinking and listening to music at a local restaurant. She was then taken to a shop house where she was beaten up and raped by several men who were friends of Chivarat Saethong.

Following her complaint three suspects, the female police Lance Corporal Chivarat Saethong, the ring leader, together with Police Lance Corporal Nattrada Chookow and Police Lance Corporal Siwapong Ngern Niam from Yarung, Pattani surrendered to their superiors. They have subsequently been sacked from the police force and await further proceedings.

According to the police report, four police officers and four civilians were involved in the attack. One of them was Police Lieutenant Tam Loysateun, the Bannungstar Deputy Investigator, and also the victim’s boss. Even though the victim did not accuse her boss in her original complaint, the investigating team has revealed that he has been punished by not receiving any further promotions or accolades and faces being charged with assault and rape pending the forensic results.

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