Vietnam awards USD 16 million contract to ABB Sweden

ABB announced Thursday it has won a contract worth USD 16 million to deliver a 500/220/110 kV substation to Vietnam to strengthen power transmission in the south of the country.
     The Contract for Tan Dinh substation, awarded by the Southern Vietnam Power Project Management Board , a unit of the Electricity of Vietnam, will improve the transmission system’s efficiency and increase the reliability of power supply in Ho Chi Minh City and other areas in the south.
     “The quality of our technology, as well as our track record from previous contracts, earned us our first 500 kV contract in Vietnam,” says Peter Smits, head of ABB’s Power Technologies division located in Sweden. “Vietnam’s rapid growth and its investment in power projects are making the country a promising 500 kV market in Asia for ABB.”
     ABB Sweden has just completed delivery of a previous 500 kV system to Vietnam.
     The new project includes the design, manufacture, testing and commissioning of the substation. It is scheduled for completion in 12 months.
     The order includes a 500 kV series compensator, 500 and 220 kV power transformers, a 500 kV reactor and primary apparatus for all three voltage levels, as well as switchyard material.

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