Richest Person in Switzerland – a Swede

The 300 wealthiest residents in Switzerland got richer in 2010, with their assets increasing by 21 billion francs (16 billion euros, 21 billion dollars) from a year ago, according to Friday’s edition of Swiss magazine Bilan.

Thanks to their investments in commodities, property, art and luxury timepieces, the assets of these wealthy residents were up 4.7 percent from 2009, said the magazine.

Ingvar Kamprad, founder of Swedish furniture giant Ikea, remained the richest, with his net worth estimated at 35 to 36 billion francs.

The Hoffmann and Oeri families, which own about half of pharmaceutical giant Roche, were the second richest, with 13 to 14 billion francs.

The founding family of clothing chain C&A Brenninkmeijer was estimated to be worth 12 to 13 billion, after its assets grew two billion during the year.

Among those who saw the biggest gains was tennis player Roger Federer, whose wealth was up 66.7 percent from 200 to 300 million francs.

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