Study in Denmark With a Scholarship

Chinese students can apply for up to 10 months of fully financed studies in Denmark including free tuition and a monthly allowance of 5,000 Danish Kroner.

In accordance with the Programme of Educational and Cultural Cooperation between the Government of the Kingdom of Denmark and the Government of the People’s Republic of China, the following scholarships are available for students from China:

140 months for research workers divided into periods of 2-10 months’ duration.

20 months for studies of Danish language and culture divided into periods of 10 months’ duration.

Scholarships are available for graduates and researchers in order to enable them to study or carry out research at a Danish university or a similar institution of higher education in Denmark.

The scholarship includes free tuition and a monthly allowance of DKK 5,000 (approximately 6,000 RMB). Scholarship periods lasting more than 3 months include health insurance.

In order for Chinese students to apply for a scholarship, please visit the website of the Danish agency for International Education to learn all the details.


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