Niko Brought Christmas to Children in Singapore

Text by Tuomas Vesterinen, Embassy of Finland

Photos by Tuomas Vesterinen and Kirsi Siira

The Embassy’s annual film screening had a delight to offer this year: A Finnish animation movie called Niko – The Way to the Stars. The movie was shown to a selected group of open-minded experts at the Great World City on Wednesday December 8. The audience that comprised of children from various schools in Singapore was touched by the warmhearted Christmas spirit that Niko brought about.
       The movie tells the story of a reindeer boy called Niko, whose greatest dream is to learn to fly like his father. Niko has never met his father but thinks that he is one of the world famous heroes of the Santa’s Flying Forces. In order to fulfil his dream, Niko has to embark on a dangerous journey to Santa’s Fell with a clumsy flying squirrel called Julius and a cheeky girl weasel called Wilma. Following them just a few footsteps behind is the notorious Black Wolf pack. As the plot unfolded the audience’s concentration grew and was interrupted only by the occasional relief laughs. To some the sight of snow was an exciting thing in its own right.
       Lucas and Lexia (both 9 years) thought the movie was  very good and one of the best moments was when Niko learned to fly. Emma Pereira, Vivien Mak, Shlee Tan and Calista Ong (all 9 years) agreed that the scariest moments were when they thought that the reindeer will be eaten by the wolves. Eventually they grew to like one of the wolves that turned out to have a soft spot for a kidnapped poodle.

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