Danish Breeding Pigs Produced in China

The first steps towards building a big Danish owned pig breeding farm was made on 11 December in the Jiangsu province. The project is the first large scale Danish investment in Chinese agriculture and is based on the concept “Safe pork” and “farm to table”-principles, which is what Danish pig production is world-known for.

The ground breaking ceremony of the project on 11 December was attended by Party Secretary from Lianyugang, Mr. Tang, Mayor in Guanyun, Mr. Yin, and Vice Secretary of China Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Association, Mr. Ma, together with representatives from the Danish Embassy, management from Scandinavian Farms Ltd. and Scandinavian Farms Pig Breeding Technology Ltd.

Scandinavian Farms Ltd. is a Danish owned project development company within food and agriculture, which is established in China and based on competitive technology and knowhow from Denmark.

Scandinavian Farms is owned by the two founders Peter N. Rasmussen and Martin Hjort Jensen, together with a group of Danish investors from leading companies within agricultural technology and the feed industry. The subsidiary company Scandinavian Pig Breeding Technology, which is going to run the breeding farm is owned by Danish pig producers.

In 2009 the Industrialisation Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) under the Danish Foreign Ministry joined in the project, which is considered to be a good business opportunity, because the project activities will create local employment and income in Jiangsu province. 

The local authorities in Jiangsu focus on developing and optimising agriculture in the province, and therefore, it already has a more mechanised agriculture compared to other Chinese provinces.

The project in Jiangsu is the first of its kind and will clear the way for several other projects in the future which both China and Denmark can benefit from.

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