Three Danish Million to Philippine Children

The joy was great when Stairway Denmark received a yes from Danida’s Project Fund to the three million DKK for which they had applied to continue and improve their work with sexual abused  children in the Philippines.

“This is the largest amount we’ve ever received and it will put Stairway able to move up to an entirely different level in the work we are doing,” says President of Stairway Denmark, Søren H. Sørensen.

The project builds on the work Stairway has been doing over the last ten years on the prevention of sexual abuse of children. As part of the project, Stairway Foundation Inc will over the next five years train at least 48 other child care centres across the Philippines in handling the abuse cases.

The 48 partners works in each of their own communities with prevention, education, training and further spread of knowledge and methods in close collaboration with the local police and social services. Moreover, building an active network of organizations working with the problem.

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