Largest deal ever for IFS Asia Pacific signed with Singer

The home appliances, motorcycles and sewing machines supplier Singer has signed a USD 1.9 Million contract with Swedish software provider IFS.
     This is the largest contract ever for IFS Asia Pacific.
     According to the contract, IFS will provide an integrated business solution for Singer’s operations in Thailand and Sri Lanka.
     The package comprises applications for financials, distribution, sales and marketing, human resources, service management, and business performance.
Singer aims to replace a number of disparate systems built over the years with an integrated solution covering all aspects of its business. This will enable Singer to better meet its growth and performance objectives.
     “Singer is a long-established brand and the definite market leader for consumer durables and motorcycles, as well as a household name for sewing machines globally. We are pleased with Singer’s choice of IFS and are confident that Singer can quickly reap the benefits of IFS Applications and maintain its market leading position,” says Mark Rabjohns, President of IFS Asia Pacific.
     Whilst Singer Sri Lanka will implement IFS Applications initially, the other Singer operations in the region will also roll out IFS Applications during the first phase of the project, which is aimed at creating a unified information backbone across the region.

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