No More Cash Payments

According to the new instructions, we will change the method of payment for service fees from Vietnam dongs by cash into Vietnam dongs via bank account Therefore, starting from 01.01.2011 No cash payment is accepted any more.

 All the immigration clients (visa, residence permit, legalization etc., ) are requested to submit the application and get the payment slip with full information about the fee and bank account of the section from service counter at the Embassy and make payment to the bank account mentioned in the slip at the Branch of Vietcombank at Hai Ba Trung street.

After making payment at the bank, the clients are requested to be back at the Embassy to submit complete application with the paid payment slip and get a hand-written receipt from the Embassy.

The clients are advised to present at very good time to arrange the payment before 11.30am or the application will not be accepted on the same day

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