Angry Danish Music for Angry Asian Souls

Danish hardcore, punk, power violence, thrash, crossover, screamo, emo, post-rock band Nuclear Death Terror is coming to Singapore and Malaysia.

Here is what to expect according to one music review writer:

Good crust from Denmark right here. The best thing about this band is their views on how music should be destibuted. Their discography is up on their website for free. That’s how things should be done. Fuck labels overpricing records. As Nuclear Death Terror states on their website:

“We’ve been having a bit of an issue with Nick from ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ since we found out he was selling our songs on his website without our permission.We are completely against paying to download MP3s and encourage everyone to download our albums off this website (in the music section) including artwork and lyrics! A big fuck you goes out to all punkrock capitalists and a salute to pirate punks everywhere!”

That’s what I’m talking about. Fuck off, and go get their music here:

Here is the schedule
02.02.11 Singapore @ Substation (more details to be announced)
05.02.11 Johor Bararu @ Embrace Hall (more details to be announced)
06.02.11 Kuala Lumpur @ One Cafe (more details to be announced)

The musicians in the band are:
Guitar + Vocals: Cormy
Vocals: Adam
Drums: Tim
Bass: Eyal
Guitar: Christina

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