KL–Stockholm direct flights in the making

Regular flights between Stockholm and Kuala Lumpur may be a reality already this fall, reports the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration, LFV.
     LFV reveals that 17 100 travelers went from Stockholm Arlanda airport to Kuala Lumpur last year, not counting charter tourists bound for other Malay destinations.
     This year are some 30 000 Swedes, all in all, expected to travel to Malaysia, according to LFV.
     This increase is partly due to a Swedish reality TV show, Robinson that was shot in Malaysia, partly to the lure of other attractions in Malaysia.
     “With a direct flight will of course even more people travel from Sweden to Malaysia,” says Mr. Claes Hagström, head of LFV operations at Stockholm Arlanda airport. ”We have for many years worked with Malaysian Airlines to establish a flight between Stockholm and Kuala Lumpur. And we are now very hopeful that this will succeed. Maybe can the flights commence already this fall.”
     Using KL as a hub for other Asian destinations could boost travel from Sweden further, believes LFV and projects the overall potential for a KL-Stockholm flight to over 60 000 travelers per year.
     “Today’s demand for air travel from here to Asia is more than double as high as the actual offering of seats. Thus there are good opportunities for success for those carriers that invest in Stockholm,” ends Claes Hagström.

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