New Danish Networking Association in Hua Hin

Steve is the man behind – Danish Networking Hua Hin. On the 10th of December 2010, he launched the website to kickstart the new Danish association in Thailand. Already, more than 100 members have signed up.

”It has been growing fast since the beginning. Actually, it took me a bit by surprise with the large interest from the beginning, so now I am working hard to get something more solid up and running,” Steve Laursen says.

For visitors and long term stayers
Other Scandinavian countries already have well working associations in Hua Hin, but there has never been a proper one for Danes in the area. Some years ago, one was established, but it rather quickly failed.

Now, Steve Laursen has taken the opportunity to start up a new one, and the association is for all interested parties.

”It’s free to become a member, and as well as it is for business orientated networking it is just as much a possibility just to meet other Danes and do social activities if you are staying in Hua Hin even for at shorter while,” Steve says to ScandAsia.

There are loads of activity offers for people around Hua Hin, and many of the Danes do not really know about all the possibilities. They will now, Steve explains.

”The community will primarily be Danish, but cooperation with other nationalities is definitely a possibility. Hua Hin is an international community, and to give an example, we have many golf tournaments here that are across nations.”

Monthly events and big trips
The Swedish ‘Svenskföreningen i Hua Hin’ is known for having many members and doing many long distance trips, for instance to places like Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. These kinds of events are also in the mind of the new Danish Networking Hua Hin.

”I am already looking in to these things. We need events of the same kind, and we will definitely get some. The Danish Embassy in Bangkok has expressed interest in sending people as guest speakers at meetings, and we have spoken to different Danish companies around Thailand to arrange things in the future, so everything looks positive,” says Steve.

But before all this happens, everything has to be up and running.

”We are still in the very starting fase, and although I have many plans with the Danish Networking Hua Hin, we will have to get started for real before it all happens,” he says.

”Right now, the association is for meeting other Danes, discovering nearby activities that you didn’t know and get this ‘synergy effect’ going, where one thing leads to another. I have big hopes for the association, so I’m looking forward to the future,” Steve Laursen says.

Visit Danish Networking Hua Hin’s website here.

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