Embassies in S’pore, M’sia arranging breakfast seminars in Sweden

The Swedish Ambassador to Malaysia, Bruno S Beijer, and the Swedish Ambassador to Singapore, Teppo Tauriainen, will be visiting Sweden for meetings with Swedish business representatives to discuss the potentials for Swedish technology and industry in Malaysia and Singapore.
     In a series of breakfast meetings they will discuss economic development and business opportunities in the two countries. Market consultants from the two Embassies, Ms Tee-Jean Teh from Malaysia, and Ms Esther Chia-Lim from Singapore, will discuss specific markets and industrial areas.
     The seminars are arranged by the Embassies in collaboration with the Swedish Trade Council and Chambers of Commerce. The following cities will be visited:

Monday, 19 April 08.00-10.00 , Stockholm
In co-operation with the Swedish Trade Council
(contact: [email protected])

Tuesday, 20 April 08.00-10.00, Uppsala
In co-operation with the Uppsvenska Handelskammaren
(contact: [email protected])

Wednesday, 21 April 09.00-11.00, Västerås
In co-operation with Mälardalens Handelskammare
(contact: [email protected])

Thursday, 22 April 09.00, Gothenburg
In co-operation with Business Region
(contact: [email protected])

Friday, 23 April, 08.30-10.00 Malmö
In co-operation with Sydsvenska Handelskammaren
(contact:[email protected])

Source: Embassy of Sweden, Kuala Lumpur <http://www.swedenabroad.com/pages/general____18048.asp>>

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