Johnny Reimar inaugurates new Half-Way Home in Pattaya

With the sound of ‘Amazing Grace’, a group of blind children opened the ceremony in front of a obviously moved crowd.

Johnny Reimar and Christina Obel on Thursday cut the ribbon of the new ‘Half-Way Home’ in Pattaya.

“I think the foundation has done a great job here, and it is nice to see the result of yet another project to help some of the many severely tested youngsters,” said Johnny Reimar, who came as a representative for the Danish Pattaya Foundation, about the new place to

The new home is an exclusive house for a selection of street children and orphans, who show a distinct willingness to move up in society. The home is build together with Fr. Ray Foundation Children’s Home & Drop-In Center in Pattaya. The cost of the house itself was 600,000 THB, an amount made available by the Danish Pattaya Foundation and especially the Obel family.

People from the Danish Pattaya Foundation (Den Danske Pattaya Fond af 2003, red.), and several members of the board showed up for the inauguration. At the same time, some 30 children and staff members from Father Ray’s Foundation and Pattaya Orphanage showed up, while a group of kids from the Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind came to play and sing songs at the opening ceremony.

“It was a fine opening. It is always nice with such things, and you can feel a great atmosphere soothing around this place,” said Johnny Reimar after the ceremony.

Right now, two children will move into the new home, while two more are scheduled to move in late this year. The house might be open for up to eight kids later on.

On Friday the 21st of January, Johnny Reimar moves on to Pattaya Orphanage to look at some water tanks he has donated.

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