‘Sino-Denmark IT New Trend in Life Science’

By using the right methodology pharmaceutical organisations across China can save up to 10 months in implementation time on clinical trial management.

On Wednesday January 19 the Danish Embassy hosted the seminar ‘Sino-Denmark IT New Trend in Life Science’ in Shanghai where more than 50 senior doctors, scientists and leaders from hospitals and Pharmaceutical companies were given a briefing by Danish IT consultancy NNIT and their European partner PharmaSol.

Ms. Susanne Hyldelund, Consul General of Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai gave the opening speech.

“The Chinese healthcare has undergone a tremendous development within the last 20 years. China has a tremendous ability to learn and adapt from new technology and know-how,” she said.

By providing a rapid implementation of a clinical data management system including validation and training, healthcare companies stand to increase speed in handling clinical trials by moving from paper based clinical trials to electronic CDMS management thus saves up to 10 months in implementation time, reducing cost and immediately increasing level of compliance.

Currently an estimated 7 percent of all clinical trials globally are being carried out in China. However, the Chinese market for these trials is expected to become the biggest in the world by 2020 surpassing both the Japanese and American market.

“The Chinese pharmaceutical companies will see an increasing need to comply with local authorities raising demand for industry regulations and compliance with global standards,” says Jonas Dan Jørgensen, General Manager of NNIT.

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