Q-Matic Technologies Asia launches new products and new directions

As a consequence the Swedish company founds a new company, Boll Business Management and partners with Aspectum to secure ultimate customer relationship management solutions.
     Successful customer relationship management, CRM, solutions are achieved, when a chain of activities are carried out, ranging from potential customer analysis, implementation of CRM, active cross-selling, and the right staff training and communication.
     On 7 April did Q-Matic Technologies Asia and Aspectum Thailand introduce that combination on the Thai market. A move that marks a new direction for Q-Matic Technologies Asia.
     “Q-Matic Technologies Asia is not just a queue management system provider anymore but a full fledged adviser and partner. We have all the tools and methods necessary to improve sales and customer service in a cost efficient way,” says Mr. Kenneth Radencrantz, CEO Q-Matic Technologies Asia Co., Ltd.
     And with the simultaneous launch of the new products Q-Nova and Q-Direct, for low end applications, Q-Matic Technologies Asia can boast a full range of queue management systems.
     “From simple, wireless, just-plug-in systems to highly sophisticated systems that integrate all available customer information with company databases in real time, we have it all. And by partnering with Europe’s leading CRM training and consulting company, Aspectum, we provide total CRM solutions for any Thai company,” explains Kenneth Radencrantz.
     Q-Matic Technologies Asia is the sole distributor of its Swedish mother company
Q-Matic’s systems in Thailand. It does also host Q-Matic’s Support Centre for Asia and Australia. Q-Matic’s two other Support Centres are in the US, covering the Americas, and Sweden, servicing Europe.
     Among Q-Matic Technologies Asia’s current Thai customers are big banks like Bangkok Bank, Krung Thai Bank, SCB and Bank of Ayutthya as well as mobile phone operators like AIS and Orange.
     Worldwide some 300 banks but also public institutions, hospitals and many others use Q-Matic’s systems to improve customer service and to work in a more cost-effective way.
     “The same approach applies to most businesses,” stresses Kenneth Radencrantz. “For instance to government agencies. Like our successful installations with the authorities in the US state Virginia to handle driving license matters and motor vehicle registrations.”
     It is all about information, communication and training; the key factors to achieve successful CRM solutions. When you manage to involve staff and management so they all pull in the same direction you release lots of positive energy.
     Aspectum’s role is to engage people, to train management and staff to understand customers’ needs and behavior. Most CRM projects fail because the implementation phase is not actively taken care of.
     Aspectum have the competence to support the company from designing corporate strategies to training and implementation for middle management and frontline staff. Aspectum’s expertise combines CRM with development of leaders, teams and staff in the areas of research & analysis, consulting and training.
     “Together with our cooperation partners in Boll Business Management Co., Ltd. we can offer our clients the full range of support in the CRM implementation,” says Mr. Peter Bjork CEO Aspectum Thailand Ltd. “Aspectum has completed successful CRM assignments for leading companies like Nokia, Ericsson and Siemens. Our extremely experienced multicultural team in Thailand can take on projects within any industry or government agency.”

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