Hong Kong Club’s Final Curtain Drops

One of Wan Chai in Hong Kong’s most popular hang outs finally closing its doors. Laguna Music Club and Bar on Fenwick Street, a popular refuge for locals and visitors, operated in the city for almost 10 years. The business was sold to a group that owns clubs that operate nearby. Its premises was sold by its owner to the interested group for between HK$50 million and HK$60 million (US$6.14m and US$7.7m), an offer seen too irresistible to refuse.

Its free passes for women was a big attraction to Indonesian and Filipino maids who enjoy discotheques on a Sunday afternoon after a week’s hard work. They could get free drinks offered by men looking to extend their Saturday night escapades and looking for friendly chats or dance partners.

The closure of Laguna Music Club is nostalgic as it painted fond memories for regulars during its run in the past decade. A club director often encountered couples who have met at the club for the first time and ended up happily married. In fact, many of its female bar staff have met their future husbands at Laguna, he revealed.

Many bars and discos nearby will definitely welcome Laguna regulars who will be displaced by the shut down, but it’s not the end for this popular watering hole. It has been reported that Laguna, which will have a new name, will take over the space used to be occupied by Rockschool, a live band venue sitting on top of Joe Banana’s, another popular Wan Chai fixture. Most of its staff will join the move and the concept is reportedly the same. But as escalating rentals continue to threathen the bar business in most of Hong Kong, should we be surprised if a pint of beer costs much more than they are at 7-Eleven?

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