B2B Company Promotes Vocational Training

As part of the Corporate Social Responsibilities activities last weekend Color Club, a joint venture under the B2B programme, and Thang Long Vocational School (TLS) co-organized a vocational orientation workshop for the poor and unprivileged children for a better chance in life.

Although it was Sunday afternoon all trainers and key staff at Color Club as well as the management of TLS were present at Color Clubs office to welcome 24 young students to Workshop 3 of the journey of the “Visual Communication Course”.

This course was designed by Color Club in co-operation with TLS and Saigon Children Charity as the result of the research conducted in April 2010 on the demand in Vietnam for employees with a technical visual arts training. The result where that the market for such jobs was sustainable, skill sets needed to be incorporated within a potential syllabus and practical timeframe within which to teach such skills.
The main purpose of the workshop was to give the children an overview of what they are going to learn at the course and job opportunities from it. Furthermore, the organization team spent the last minutes to share their own views and experience to the young learners. “You have the most important software and hardware for free, which are your eyes and your brain. As long as you have passion and curiosity, you will become a good graphic designer no matter if you can afford expensive equipment not”, shared by Remy Jauffret – Graphics Manager at Color Club. 
This project will offer three modules of six-month training in Digital Imaging and Graphic Design free of charge. The first training started in October 2010 with 4 students. The objective of this workshop was to select the four new trainees for next term starting in April 2011, with an aim to train at least 12 students in 2 years. The B2B Programme has supported for buying computers to utilize for this training, while the rest are voluntary from the involved partners.
 The Business-to-Business Programme- contact Ms. Le Thi Thanh Loan, Head of Section / B2B & IPD Programme
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