Artificial nose company gets market and distribution deal for Asean

Drug smugglers and terrorists in South East Asia watch out. You are facing a new enemy, the artificial sniffer dog. The company behind this innovation is Biosensor Applications Sweden AB.
     It has now entered an exclusive agreement with Chartered Electro-Optics Pte Ltd in Singapore for a three year marketing and distribution deal in the Asean countries plus China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong.
     “The distribution agreement is a breakthrough for Biosensor now that we have entered an industrialisation phase,” says Carl Lundberg, CEO of Biosensor Applications.
     The biosens system, which serves as an “artificial dog nose”, was developed in Sweden. It is based on a unique combination of collection and analysis systems using cutting edge biotechnology sensors.
     The system has been tested and proven to detect illegal drugs like amphetamine, cocaine, heroin and ecstasy.
     Other biosens applications under development include detection of explosives, mines and biochemical weapons.
     Development of biosens began 1995 within the Swedish defense group Bofors. Three years later the project was taken over by private investors. More than SEK 200 million has so far been invested in the system.

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