IKEA Recalls ‘Hazardous’ Pots in China

Swedish store IKEA is recalling its FORSTA coffee and tea maker, as the glass pot can break unexpectedly due to pressure from the metal holder, possibly causing burns and lacerations.

Customers are advised to stop using the product immediately and bring it to any IKEA store for a full refund, the company said in a statement. No receipt is required.

Around 800,000 of the products were sold globally during February 2010 to December 2010, when IKEA stopped selling the potentially hazardous pots.

The company has received 20 reports of pots breaking, of which 12 resulted in burns from spilled coffee or tea, and one from lacerations. All of the accidents were in North America and Europe.

“Shanghai has received no reports of the fault,” said Yin Lifang, IKEA’s media officer in Shanghai.

Yin said that 1,686 of the 0.4-liter pots and 4,103 of the 1-liter pots have been sold in the city.

IKEA has made three recalls this year, two involved products in China.

IKEA recalled its RUND handmade double-walled clear glass mug in China last month. The glass could break during use and potentially cause lacerations.

In January, the company recalled SINGLAR baby cribs in North America due to a defection that could cause mattresses to collapse. The company said that similar defects did not exist in products sold in China.

IKEA’s recall policies caused some controversy in China last June after it recalled 3.36 million blinds that posed a risk of entangling children – but only issued the recall in North America.

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