Four Danes Missing in Japan

Four Danish nationals were among the hundreds of people missing after a powerful earthquake and tsunami ravaged Japan, officials said Saturday.

“There were six Danes in the area but the embassy has gotten hold of two of them and know they are safe,” Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin, the Danish Ambassador in Tokyo, told TV station DR.

The ambassador said the embassy called several hundred Danes in Japan and all who were contacted are safe.

Friday’s massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake and the tsunami, which pulverized Japan’s northeastern coast, has left 574 people dead by official count, although local media reports said at least 1,300 people may have been killed.

Another 586 people are missing and 1,105 injured. In addition, police said between 200 and 300 bodies were found along the coast in Sendai, the biggest city in the area near the quake’s epicenter.


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