Carlsberg Gets Gold at Putra Awards

Carlsberg has been announced as the only beer brand to win Gold at the 2011 Putra Awards. Euro RSCG Kuala Lumpur is the advertising agency behind the recent campaign, “Stories.”

”I’m thrilled to see our very effective and highly creative collaboration with Carlsberg being recognized at the Putra Awards”, says Matthew Fanshawe, Managing Director, Euro RSCG Asia Pacific.

Made up stories

The successful Carlsberg “Stories” campaign tapped into the insight that Malaysian beer drinkers have little time for themselves, with the only available respite a few hours a week spent drinking beer and cracking jokes with friends. In order to maximize these moments, beer drinkers will sometimes make up smart and witty stories to add a few more enjoyable minutes to their beer time.

The insight led Euro RSCG towards a campaign of multiple ads, with each contributing its own “story” to the overall campaign. Running to the catchphrase “Nice one” which was designed to give credit to the brand and witty beer drinkers alike, the campaign provided an opportunity to play beer drinkers’ ingenious stories back to them, creating an instant emotional bond with the target consumers.

Awarded Beer Brands

Apart from the Carlsberg Gold, three more beer brands were awarded at Putra Awards. Heineken got a Silver and both Guiness and Tiger received a Bronze.

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