Ambassador Told of Reduction in Landmine Accidents

Norwegian People’s Aid’s work in Cambodia has reduced the number of landmine accidents, the Secretary-General of the Cambodian Mine Action Authority told the Norwegian ambassador during her visit to Norwegian People’s Aid’s programme in the country.

The Ambassador of Norway to Cambodia H.E. Katja Chr. Nordgaard and Mr. Erik Svedahl, Minister Counselor, visited Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) in Cambodia earlier this week. The H.E. Secretary-General of the Cambodian Mine Action Authority told the ambassador:

“The Norwegian support through NPA is not only helping the Cambodian Mine Action Authority to improve information management and flow of information between the Cambodian Mine Action Authority and other mine action operators… but also contributes in the reduction of mine and Explosive Remnants of War accidents in Cambodia.”

The Cambodian Mine Action Authority also told the ambassador that they are very positive to the possibility of the Cambodian government signing the Convention of Cluster Munitions.

They said the negative impacts of Explosive Remnants of War and landmines in Cambodia will require years to be eradicated, and requested continued support from the Norwegian authorities for the mine action program in Cambodia.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports Norwegian People’s Aid’s mine action programme in Cambodia with 3.7 million NOK in 2011.


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