Labour Relations Part of the B2B Programme

The B2B Programme in Vietnam has applied an extended approach to the theme of labour relations in order to contribute to setting high standards in Vietnam.
It is required that all long-term B2B projects in Vietnam establish Trade Union Council in the Vietnamese workplace – if such Council does not already exist.

The purpose of this council is to handle the dialogue between management and employees on relevant topics related to working conditions and work related issues such as wages and working time, physical working conditions, health and safety in the work place, training and productivity.

The agenda of the trade union council is to be decided by the participants. However, it is expected that the council discuss the following issues related to the B2B Programme:

– The training and technical assistance received

– Upgrading of environment and working conditions

– HIV/AIDS policy and awareness in the company

To learn more about the requirements please download the CSR Guideline for establishment of Trade Union Councils under “Download” on the right side of this page or contact B2B Co-ordinator Le Thi Thanh Loan ([email protected]).


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