73 Danish Architects and Constructors Visiting Vietnam

73 persons from the BtB Network Arkitec are visiting Vietnam from March 24.
The tour is planned to provide new inspiration for both Danes and Vietnamese about town planning.

According to the Danish media, Byggeriets Dagblad, the growing tourism in Vietnam and the increased standard of living will increase demand for energy in Vietnam. The country is already suffering from shortages of electricity and water. A few years ago the inhabitants of the city of Hue experienced a lack of water and electricity every other day, while the government let electricity prices rise by 10 percent in one year.

Danish business in Vietnam

Kieler Architects A / S is a Danish company already working in Vietnam from the office opened in 2007. Kieler together with engineering firm Sloth Møller A / S and landscape architects Miller and Grønborg A / S.

Cooperation between Kieler A / S, Sloth Møller A / S and Moller and Grønborg A / S has already resulted in the development of a village at Lang Co: a scenic area with 10 km of sandy beach in the middle of Vietnam.

Kieler A/S received a number of smaller tasks in Vietnam. For example a Vietnamese counterpart to “The Old Town in Aarhus, which is targeted towards 5-12 year olds.
Kieler Architects has also worked on developing a resort in Phanthiet outside Ho Chi Minh City. Phanthiet has traditionally been the holiday destination for Russian tourists and investors here are from Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Tight Schedule for Arkitec 2011

In a mixture of tough discipline meeting where everyone meets everyone, and eye-opening study of the town planning and architecture, the participants will learn to know each other.

Major issues for Vietnam, and therefore business opportunities for Danish architects and constructors, will be sustainability, healthy urban development, solar energy and water environment handling.

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