Party with Big Strong Saigon Vikings

The big, strong vikings, singing and dancing, swinging their beer mugs, were at the centre of this year’s annual Viking Party on the Saigon River in HCMC this weekend, Saturday 26 March 2011. The Nordic companies fully backed the event and many had brought several non-viking staff members along. All seemed to have a great time with the good food, free flowing beer and wine and the party continued deep into the night.
“We are having a jolly good time at these Viking parties,” says Sigmund Stromme, Chairman of Nordcham Saigon.
“This has become one of our solid traditions that we will continue to follow up every year,” he promised.
Close to a total of 300 participants sailed up the Sagon River on the special Viking Boat and reached the parrty area where the party took place – including the battle where the Vikings from the different companies competed in friendly tug of the rope.

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