Graduates Step Into Danish Fur World

Designer graduates in Tsinghua University received the scholarship from the world biggest fur auction house on the weekend.

Two A-class graduates from the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University were rewarded on March 26 for a several-months fur-design learning journey of the Kopenhagen Studio in Denmark by Kopenhagen Fur Auction, one of the biggest fur auction houses in the world.

“We chose the young talent who design the fur in creative way,” said Michael Holm, design and production manager in the Kopenhagen Studio of the fur auction, on the 2011 graduation show of “Opening”, “and it’s more than a journey for the young talented designers to learn what we have.”

Wang Nan, one of the two award-winners, said he felt honored to receive such an award.

“Graduation is not the end,” said he, “it is also the opening, the opening of our life.”

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