The Indonesian Parliament’s 4th Commission Visits Norway

The visit took place recently in Oslo with the intent to promote further dialogue with regard to the Letter of Intent entered into by the two countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and degradation of peat forests in Indonesia.

During the visit, the delegation from the Indonesian House of Representative’s 4th Commission met with the Minister of Environment, H.E. Mr.Erik Solheim, the Storting’s Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment, as well as the Norwegian Government’s International Climate and Forest Initiative headed by H.E. Ambassador Hans Brattskar.

The 4th Commission Delegation, whose areas of responsibility are related to matters of agriculture, plantations, maritime affairs, fisheries and food in Indonesia, was chaired by Mr. Firman Soebagyo, Vice Chairman of the Commission and representing the Golkar party. He said the Parliament would follow the implementation of the Letter of Intent closely and take the information received in Norway home for consideration in their deliberations on the climate and forest partnership with Norway. Her Excellency Ms. Esti Andayani, the Indonesian ambassador to Norway, was accompanying the Delegation to the meetings.

The Norwegian Minister for Environment and International Development, Mr. Erik Solheim, highlighted the global importance of Indonesia’s effort in the climate field, as well as in regard to the country’s economic development and democracy-building. He also stated that “While economic development is key for achieving social and environmental goals, long-term economic growth and lasting competitiveness can only be secured through environmentally sustainable and climate friendly development policies”.

The Standing Committee on Energy and Environment informed that the Letter of Intent on REDD+ between Norway and Indonesia enjoys wide support in the Norwegian Parliament, as part of a broad agreement between the Government and the Opposition on climate change policies, and would follow up with the necessary appropriation of funding to live up to the Norwegian commitments. Siri A. Meling, the chair of the Standing Committee on Energy and Environment, also made reference to the Norwegian tradition of honoring all its international commitments and assured the visiting Delegation that the climate and forest cooperation with Indonesia would be no exception to this rule.

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