Call For Proposals to Contribute to Judicial Reforms

The third component of the Justice Partnership Program (JPP), the Justice Initiatives Facilitation Fund (JIFF), has launched its 2nd call for proposals with deadline 29 April to invite interested NGOs to submit proposals to contribute to an increased awareness of rights, improved access to justice, and enhanced judicial reforms. 

 As a part of JIFF’s outreach and communication strategy for the 2nd call to make it known to the public, two Outreach workshops have been conducted in Hue on 1 April and in Ho Chi Minh City on 5 April. A third workshop took place in Tuyen Quang on 8 April. The workshops are designed to introduce JIFF to the public, especially to the Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) community which work on judicial reform and related areas, including information of JIFF’s objectives and its key result areas, the eligibility and criteria of assessment, knowledge and skills to write good proposals for JIFF grants, etc.

The two workshops in Hue and HCMC gathered nearly 50 participants each, including various representatives of NGOs at the local levels, state agencies working in the justice sector, local government agencies and professionals and media. Part of the workshop was designed as a proposal writing seminar.

Emphasis was placed upon the JIFF templates and formats and in writing to demonstrate how an organization meets the criteria. Small groups were formed to practice proposal writing skills by developing a project which then solidified the sessions and fostered networking. Knowledge of JPP and JIFF improved considerably, and participants’ gathered confidence and ability to write eligible applications to JIFF.

Speaking at the workshop in HCMC, a representative of the Embassy of Denmark – one of the 3 funding donors of the JPP – emphasized the important role of NGOs in contributing to the judicial reform of Vietnam in line with the Judicial Reform Strategy of the Government.

JIFF invites proposals in the areas of legal awareness raising, free legal aid to the marginal groups, applied research on judicial reform, and information sharing and dialogue enhancement on judicial reform. As the result of the 1st call, JIFF received 73 project proposals and approved 15 grant agreements with a total fund of more than VND 6.2 billion. The 2nd call for proposals is open until 29 April 2011 when submitted proposals need to reach JIFF office by 5pm. It is expected that the result of the 2nd call will be widely published in June 2011.

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