Ikea Thailand Looks to Hire 500 With Job Fair

Ikea, the Swedish build-it-yourself furniture chain, is preparing to stage a job open house this month to recruit at least 500 Thai employees to join its first store in Bang Na, says Wasna Nakthaworn, its human resources manager.

The company is now searching for both full-time and part-time staff to work in the store. Managers were recruited in April 2010.

“We are looking for people willing to work under the Ikea Swedish working values of equality and teamwork. People of all ages and education levels are encouraged to apply,” said Ms Wasna.

The company said all employees, both part-time and full-time, would receive equal welfare. Salaries for full-time staff will start at 9,000 baht per month, while part-time staff will earn 45 baht per hour.

Ikea Bang Na, which will be one of the five biggest Ikea stores worldwide when it opens, expects to see at least 5,000 applicants at the May 20 recruitment event.

After recruitment, all employees will have to attend a two-month training course before the store is ready for operation on Nov 3 this year.

Ms Wasna said Ikea’s working values should allow it to keep employee turnover at 10%, lower than the average Thai turnover rate of 30%.

The company also hopes the mass recruitment event will promote the brand as company research shows only 5% of surveyed Thai consumers are familiar with Ikea.

The company is advertising the open house via newspapers, online sources, job magazines, outdoor media, and van wrapping.

Ikea Bang Na is scheduled to complete structural construction in June and will finish interior decoration by July.

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