Jon-jon Adlawan Gets Big Break in Denmark

The Filipino racer Jon-Jon Adlawan became the first Filipino motocross rider to be part of a respectable racing team in Denmark – the Jo Service Racing Honda DK team.

The trip to Denmark was supposedly just for training and some international exposure. Instead, got Adlawan more than what he wanted when he was invited to be part of the team.

Adlawan joined several competitions and had a fifth place finish on a sand track, which was his best.

The sponsorship has been made possible by Jens Oriis Nielsen, a former Danish motocross champion-turned trainer, who took care of the Cebuano daredevil in Denmark.

The team wanted Adlawan to stay in Denmark for more races, but he stood firm on his decision to go back to the Philippines and take his final exams for his Physics class on May 21.

Adlawan is taking up BS Civil Engineering at the University of San Carlos.

He is, however, scheduled to go back to Denmark this July and he is also scheduled to go to Sweden and Germany.

Being part of the Danish team, Adlawan is getting two motorcycles – one for races and another for practice. Both are specially set up for him.

He is also getting support in terms of protective gear and apparel.

“They are just so happy with Jon-Jon being the first known Asian to join the Danish Championships,” said Adlawan’s mom, Leila who went to Denmark together with Jon-Jon and his dad, Jonas, also a former motocross and jetski champion.

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