Ikea Stores Hit in Bomb Attacks

Three Ikea stores in the Netherlands, Belgium and France were evacuated on Monday following explosions, with police suspecting a connection between the suspected bomb attacks.

The first explosion occurred at an Ikea store in Gent in Belgium. Following a warning, two alarm clocks exploded in in the warehouse, according to Belgian news agency Belga.

While a few staff reported problems with their hearing after the blast, no serious injuries were reported and damage was limited.

Later on Monday a refuse bin exploded at Ikea’s store in Eindhoven in the Netherlands with police acting to evacuate the store.

A bomb threat was also made in connection with the blast, according to the Dutch De Telegraaf daily.

The company has described the explosion as an “incident”, the newspaper writes, electing not to deploy additional security measures.

The third explosion occurred near Lille in northern France.

The explosives used at all three locations are reported by the Belgian Le Soir daily to be identical and the modus operandi also shows distinct similarities.

Belgian and Dutch police are investigation the possible links between the cases.

Swedish furniture giant Ikea has been targeted in a bomb attack before – in March 2009 when a store in Amsterdam was evacuated after a threat.

A woman was later arrested in connection with the Amsterdam incident.

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